GeisingerConnect How To Enroll

GeisingerConnect is intended for use by Geisinger affiliated physicians and their authorized office staff.

Provider groups requesting to use GeisingerConnect need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of GeisingerConnect and complete Attachment A. Provider groups requesting to also access the medical record through EMRlink, need to read the EMRlink Handbook and complete Attachments B and C. By signing the attachments, you are confirming that you have read the Terms and Conditions and EMRlink Handbook (if appropriate).

Please request the EMRlink Handbook by contacting your Geisinger physician liaison or the Epic Web Apps Production Support department.

To request access, please complete these easy steps:

Step 1: Read the GeisingerConnect Terms and Conditions and EMRlink Handbook (if appropriate).
Step 2: Complete Physician Practice/Facility Information - (Attachment A). Physician group practice information is collected including address, primary contact person and physician names. A physician group profile is established in GeisingerConnect.
Step 3: If medical record access is required, contact Geisinger Health System at the phone number below and complete both GeisingerConnect/EMRlink User Access Request Form - (Attachment B) and EMRlink Client Agreement - (Attachment C). Physician group practice identifies physicians and office staff who have a need to access GeisingerConnect. A one-time use activation code is delivered to each user.
Step 4: Fax or mail completed forms to the Epic Web Apps Production Support Department contact information listed below.
Step 5: Receive your activation code from your Physician Liaison or the Epic Web Apps Production Support Department. Logon to GeisingerConnect to activate your account. At this time you are assigned a User ID and prompted to create a personal password.

For additional information contact:
Geisinger Health System
Epic Web Applications Production Support Team
100 N Academy Avenue
M.C. 60-15
Danville, PA 17822-3009
Telephone: (570) 271-8092
Fax: (570) 214-1527