GeisingerConnect Help

General Questions

GeisingerConnect is a secure physician portal, designed to facilitate patient care by providing clinical information to physicians. It does not include Geisinger Health Plan insurance information. To learn more about what is available, click "Features" in bottom menu bar.

GeisingerConnect is intended for physician practices and licensed healthcare organizations that interact with Geisinger physicians to provide treatment for patients - for example, physicians with patient referrals to/from Geisinger.

Click "How To Enroll" in bottom menu bar for information on how to request access.

Contact your Geisinger physician liaison or use "Feedback" in bottom menu bar to contact us.

EMRlink provides access to patient information stored in Geisinger's electronic medical record. Users can view a patient's entire Geisinger electronic medical record.

Login Changes

GeisingerConnect has updated its login process to include a security enhancement that will further protect your account from unauthorized access. The login process now uses a security image, security phrase, security questions and telephone calls to help protect against unauthorized access while providing increased reassurance that you are signing into GeisingerConnect.

The updated login process protects you in two ways. Each time you sign in to GeisingerConnect, GeisingerConnect identifies you based on your username, password and device, and you identify the GeisingerConnect site using your security image and phrase.

Once set up, if the system recognizes that you are accessing GeisingerConnect through a different computer, it will ask you two security questions. If your security questions are answered correctly, your security image and security phrase will be displayed when you are asked for your password. The display of your chosen image and phrase is assurance that you have reached the legitimate GeisingerConnect site.

The security enhancement was introduced to protect GeisingerConnect from fraud (e.g. spyware). By validating a visual image and phrase chosen by you, you can be assured that you are accessing the legitimate GeisingerConnect site. Security questions are asked when you are attempting to access GeisingerConnect through a computer that is not recognized as one that you usually use (e.g. a computer at an internet cafe). These steps are designed to provide additional layers of protection to your GeisingerConnect access.

The security image and security phrase uniquely chosen by you at setup provide assurance that you are signing into GeisingerConnect. Once set up, the image and phrase are associated with your user ID and will display each time you are asked for your password. Each time you access GeisingerConnect and see the image and phrase, you will know that you are accessing the legitimate GeisingerConnect site.

The security questions provide an additional layer of protection when you are accessing GeisingerConnect through a different computer or location. The different access will be recognized and the security question will be asked. These security questions validate that it is still you accessing your GeisingerConnect account.

At your next login, you will be automatically asked to complete a quick and easy one-time setup. You will be asked to choose:
  • Your security image
  • Your security phrase
  • Your security questions
  • Telephone numbers where you can be reached
  • Whether to recognize your computer on your next visit

Note: It is important to keep your telephone numbers up-to-date as they are needed when the system notes a change in your typical login behavior. For example, if you go on vacation and use a public computer to access GeisingerConnect, the process will most likely initiate a telephone call to verify your identity. The telephone numbers on record are the only options you will be able to select.

Yes, you can still access GeisingerConnect through any number of computers. When you wish to access GeisingerConnect from a computer that you have not used before, the system may trigger a higher risk for that computer and ask for additional verification. A notice on the screen will ask you to identify the telephone number at your location (from the list of telephone numbers you entered during registration) and show an authentication code on the screen. You will then receive a telephone call at that number and be asked to enter the code on the screen to verify your identity. You will also be asked two security questions for additional verification. The system will also give you the option to recognize the computer so that the questions will not be asked in the future. If you choose not to identify the computer, you will be asked two security questions the next time you access GeisingerConnect from that computer. You should not choose to recognize a public computer.

Yes. Just as before, your GeisingerConnect user ID and password are unique to you. This is also the case with the security image, security phrase, and security questions you set up during enrollment.

No, however we encourage our users to proactively protect themselves with anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

The new security enhancement does not replace other security software (e.g. antivirus software, spyware). For general security, you should use other security software on your computer. You should also take steps to ensure that your security software is updated and maintained.

The system looks at a number of different factors to determine whether a login transaction might be a fraudulent transaction. For example, if you are logging in from a different computer, login on a weekend when you never have before or are logging in from a state or country that is different than your normal behavior, the system may flag the login as a potential risk. When the system flags a login as high risk, you will be taken to a screen showing a list of the telephone numbers you entered when you registered. The system needs additional verification and will call you at the number you select to verify your identity. Select the number where you can be reached at that time.

An authentication code will be generated when you login and the system considers the login a high risk (see the question above for potential reasons for high risk). The code will display once you have selected the telephone number at your location. You will use this code during the verification telephone call to validate your login information.

If you enter the authentication code incorrectly, or do not answer the call, the telephone call will end and you will not be given access to GeisingerConnect. You should close your browser and follow the log in process again. You will be allowed three attempts to login and then you will be locked out. If your account gets locked, please call the Geisinger Help Desk at 570-271-8092. The Help Desk is available 24/7.

Password / Security Questions

Click "Reset Password Here" found in Login box at right. Follow the prompts to confirm your identity and create a new password. If you cannot reset your password, use "Feedback" in bottom menu bar to contact us.

For your security, you will no longer be able to pre-fill your GeisingerConnect password. While the "remember your password" feature may be useful on some sites, it can also compromise your security and privacy. If a password is saved by the browser on a public computer, that information is available to others for use or theft.

A security question is a question chosen by you with a unique answer that only you know (this information should not be shared or written down). This extra level of authentication is asked in the event that you attempt to access GeisingerConnect through a computer you do not normally use (e.g. a computer at an internet cafe) or when your login behavior varies significantly (i.e. you traditionally login from Pennsylvania and then attempt to login from Germany).

Security questions help prevent unauthorized access to your GeisingerConnect information. Security questions are most often asked if you are using a computer that you do not normally use, but can also be asked if your login behavior changes or there are configuration changes on your computer. You will be asked two of the security questions you specified during enrollment to help validate your identity. As the security questions are known only by you, the extra level of security helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to GeisingerConnect. Security questions will also be asked during password resets.

No. You will be presented with security questions from a list of available questions and will be able to select questions from that list that are most meaningful to you. In order to ensure your security question and response remains secure, it is important that the security questions and responses you select are only known by you.

You must enter your security question response exactly as you entered it during setup. Security answers are not case-sensitive. If you enter a response that varies from the response entered during setup, the answer will not be accepted. Please ensure that the spelling and order of words you have entered match the response entered during setup. Also, punctuation is not allowed in security question responses.

If you have incorrectly answered your security questions and your access to GeisingerConnect has been suspended, or if you require additional assistance, please call the Geisinger Help Desk at 570-271-8092. The Help Desk is available 24/7.

After you have logged in the first time, you can choose to designate or 'recognize' your computer for GeisingerConnect usage. By identifying your computer, the system recognizes your computer on future logins and only initiates security questions if your behavior or configuration changes have taken place.

When you choose to recognize your computer, the security system creates a randomly generated, unique number used as an identifier for your computer. On subsequent visits to GeisingerConnect, your web browser sends us the identifier to help us recognize that this is your computer. If the identifier is not recognized, you will have to verify your identity by choosing the telephone number at your location and entering the authentication code provided on your computer screen. You will be required to answer two security questions if you have accessed GeisingerConnect from this location in the past, but did not recognize this computer.

The identifier is visible only to the GeisingerConnect web site and does not contain any confidential data.

You should 'recognize' your computer at locations you use where there is limited access from others. Examples of areas where you might want to recognize your computer would be your home or your office.

Do not 'recognize' a computer that allows public access to other people. Examples of a public access computer would be at a library or Internet cafe.

Certain changes to your computer or browser may result in you being asked to recognize your computer again. For example, you may be asked to 'recognize' a computer again if your GeisingerConnect browser identifier has been deleted. Also, if you use more than one Internet browser or login profile on a computer, you will be asked to recognize the computer the first time you attempt to sign in to GeisingerConnect using each individual browser, or when using a browser on a different login profile for the first time.

Additionally, if you are traveling and access GeisingerConnect using your laptop, you may be prompted to 'recognize' your laptop again.

No. Someone cannot access your account information online based on 'recognition' alone. Your GeisingerConnect user ID and password are also needed to sign into GeisingerConnect from a recognized location. If you are concerned about a mistakenly recognizing computer, it is recommended that you change your password using the 'Reset Password Here' link that appears on the GeisingerConnect login screen.

The first time you login after the updated GeisingerConnect Login Process has been implemented, you will be asked to choose a security image, security phrase, and security questions. The setup is easy and will only take you a few minutes.

After you have registered, you can change your security image, security phrase, or security questions by selecting the 'Update Security Questions' checkbox located on the password screen in your secured GeisingerConnect session.